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Our Stock of Welding Machines Includes TIG Welders, MIG Welders and Arc Welders

Hocon Industrial Gas sells and services a variety of quality welding equipment for all welding processes from leading manufacturers like Lincoln Electric and ESAB.

Our inventory of top-quality welding machines includes Arc, TIG, MIG, plasma, multiprocess, advanced process and multioperator welders, engine drives, and wire feeders for arc welding.

Our welding machines can be supplied as complete systems, including a welding power source and weld monitor/controller.

Our trained experts are available to help you decide which welding machine best meets your needs, and we will provide you with all the information and support you require to succeed with your business operation.

Additionally, you can choose welding safety gear, plasma cutters and a wide array of other welding supplies [Link] to ensure safety and performance.

Contact Hocon Industrial Gas, call us or visit our showrooms for more information about our inventory of welding machines and related products.

Our locations carry a variety of welders