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Welding Supplies, Cutting Products, Welder Repair and More from Hocon Industrial

Aside from providing welding gas to our customers, Hocon Industrial Gas also serves as a supply center that carries a range of quality welding and cutting supply products for its many customers.

We offer a full selection of the best oxy-fuel apparatus for welding and cutting, along with the expertise to design special-purpose welding outfits for any need.

Our team is also qualified to handle the repair and reconditioning of all makes and models of welding equipment, along with gas cutting devices, flow meters, specialty gas regulators, MIG and TIG cables, compressed gas equipment, medical gas regulators and more.

Here are some examples of our product line, from such leading manufacturers as ESAB and
Lincoln Electric:

Abrasive Pressure Blasters: Perfect for surface preparation on any type of irregular surfaces where other forms of preparation such as sanding may be difficult. These are ideal for removing paint, rust, scale and oxidation on various surfaces.

Auto Switch Manifolds: Pneumatically controlled auto-change manifold for oxygen and technical gases; preadjusted to a defined working pressure

Welding Cable Connectors: Helps you connect welding cables quickly and easily

Flux Core Welding Wire: Suitable for all-position welding of light gauge steel or thin plate up to 1/2-inch thick; produces low spatter and leaves an excellent weld appearance

Welding Rods: Designed for high strength and wear resistance, applied with a high-quality coating to help speed brazing time; high-quality low-fuming rod

Electrode Holders: Heat-resistant electrode holder is rated for up to 300 amps; insulated to provide safety while welding; copper tongs hold tight and deliver high conductivity; fiberglass handle and fiberglass jaws are lightweight yet strong

Ground Clamps: Heavy-duty spring tightly compresses the strong, wire-grip jaws against the metal surface for a strong connection; direct cable-to-jaws connection promotes a positive welding arc; clamp helps connect welding projects to a good electrical ground; safely handles up to 300 welding amps

Oxyacetylene Gas Welding Hose: High-quality flexible hose that does not kink and is resistant to welding sparks; includes fittings

Regulators: We offer a selection of single-gauge and dual-gauge compressed gas regulators.

Tungsten Electrodes: Designed for use on carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel, nickel alloys, titanium and copper alloys; generally used for DC electrode negative or straight polarity applications

Power Tools: Visit one of our showrooms to see the best in cordless drills, circular saws, combo power tool kits, impact wrenches, grinders, miter saws, rotary hammers and much more.

Piping: Selections include compressed-air piping system designed for high-demand air tool users and longer air line runs in large buildings.

Contact us to learn more about our complete line of welding and cutting supplies or to request a welding repair.