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Industrial Gas Supply and Delivery Service

The experienced team at Hocon can provide you with standard welding mixtures, custom-blended gases and certified mixtures to meet your welding and cutting requirements or other business needs. For your convenience, we provide same-day/next-day delivery service.

Our industrial gases are produced in strict compliance with Compressed Gas Association (CGA) specifications, so safety is never a concern for our thousands of satisfied customers.

Hocon Industrial Gas also provides a full range of equipment, consumables and protective equipment for many welding applications. Each of our locations stocks basic supplies for your project. We will be happy to order any part, or have it shipped in from one of our other branches. If you need more than the basic consumables and equipment, we will order directly from the manufacturer.

Industrial gas products available through Hocon

We invite you to visit one of our showrooms to speak with our knowledgeable, experienced staff about your industrial gas delivery requirements. Or contact us to set up an on-site consultation at your business.