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Welding supplies

Welding Supplies, Welding Machines, Safety Gear and More from Hocon Industrial Gas

When you’re a welder, you need a reliable source for the welding supplies that are necessary for doing your best and safest work. And Hocon Industrial Gas is the source Connecticut welders have counted on for many years.


Cryotherapy: Freezing Becomes a Hot Topic

Putting your body in a deep freeze has come a long way since Han Solo met carbonite in “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Propane tank

Calibrated Gases: Are Refillable or Disposable Cylinders Right for Your Business?

Hocon Industrial Gas provides gases for businesses including welding, health care, party stores, HVAC installation and repair, food service and auto body repair.

Gas cylinders

Ensure Safe Storage of Cylinders

At Hocon Industrial Gas, we have been providing our customers with a wide array of industrial, specialty, cryogenic and medical gases for more than 30 years.

Carbon dioxide

The Growth of Bulk CO2 Products and Services

As you know, carbon dioxide (CO2) is an odorless and colorless gas, a natural presence in the atmosphere and of course, critically vital for our planet’s ecosystem.

Gas cylinder

Specialty Gas Handling Equipment

Specialty gas handling equipment is an integral piece of the calibration gas sampling process. Just as the specialty gas manufacturer provides high purity gases, they must also use specific regulators, valves and fittings to maintain the integrity of the final specialty gas standard.

Gas cylinders

Specialty Gas Cylinder Options

As an expert specialty gas supplier with many years of experience, Hocon Industrial Gas can help you decide which specialty gas cylinder type is best for your business. Let’s explore your options.

Specialty gases

What Are Specialty Gases?

Specialty gases are high purity gaseous chemicals that can be used as analytical lab gases as well as intermediates in production processes.

Gas regulator

Single-stage and Dual-stage Regulators from Hocon Industrial Gas

Aside from providing welding gas to our customers, Hocon Industrial Gas also serves as a supply center that carries a range of quality welding and cutting supply products for its many customers.

Welcome to Our New Website and Blog

Welcome to Our New Website and Blog!

Since our founding more than 30 years ago, Hocon Industrial Gas has taken a customer-first approach to serving commercial and industrial businesses in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts—and now is no exception.