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Specialty Gas vs. Industrial Gas

Specialty Gas Vs. Industrial Gas

Industrial gas providers like Hocon Industrial use low purity industrial grade gases that contain impurities. That’s not a concern because high purity levels are not critical for industrial gas applications.

Tips for Welding Safety

10 Tips for Welding Safety

As we encounter unprecedented challenges facing this frightening coronavirus outbreak, our crews and support staff are working hard night and day to provide the commercial support you need to keep your welding or industrial business productive and still profitable.

Safety tips for your gas cylinders

Safety Tips For Your Gas Cylinders

With health and safety the major concerns today, the team at Hocon Industrial Gas thought it would be timely to share some safety reminders for your gas cylinders.

Rely on Hocon Industrial Gas for deliveries, maintenance, service and repairs

Rely on Hocon Industrial Gas for Deliveries, Maintenance, Service and Repairs

If your business relies on compressed gases, Hocon Industrial Gas is the supplier you can count on for dependable and safe delivery.

A closer look at cryogenic gas

Cryogenic Gas: Taking A Closer Look

Cryogenic gases such as argon, nitrogen, oxygen, helium and carbon dioxide are used in all sorts of businesses. So if your business involves liquid air supply, food processing or cryogenic equipment, Hocon Industrial Gas has the supply, parts and equipment you need, with the added value of a fully trained and experienced staff that can […]

Career opportunities

How To Pursue A Career In Welding

According to our friends at Lincoln Tech, working with metal can be both exciting and empowering. As you witness the sparks fly and the heat turning up, budding welders magically possess the power to transform some of the strongest materials around the world into the shape needed to create a desired product.

Welding workplace

Make Your Welding Worksite a Safer Place

However large or small a role welding plays in your Connecticut business, there is one obvious fact: safety always needs to be front and center at any welding worksite.

Welding safety equipment

Welding Safety Tips for Your Connecticut Business

Welding can be a rewarding job, but naturally, there are potential hazards. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported more than 4,100 workplace welding injuries in 2017—the most recent data that’s available.

Welding supplies

Welding Supplies, Welding Machines, Safety Gear and More from Hocon Industrial Gas

When you’re a welder, you need a reliable source for the welding supplies that are necessary for doing your best and safest work. And Hocon Industrial Gas is the source Connecticut welders have counted on for many years.


Cryotherapy: Freezing Becomes a Hot Topic

Putting your body in a deep freeze has come a long way since Han Solo met carbonite in “The Empire Strikes Back.”