Gas Cylinders: Safe Storage And Proper Handling Tips

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Safety in the workplace is always a priority. At Hocon Industrial Gas, our first priority has always been ensuring the safety and health of our customers with our quality products, knowledgeable staff and array of safety equipment.

With that in mind, we’ve called on our team of safety experts to help you review the basics for creating a safe storage space for your gas cylinders, along with how to handle gas cylinders safely once we deliver them to your place of business.

Storing Your Gas Cylinders Safely

Ensuring you have a safe and well-maintained storage space depends on what kind of gases your business uses. For example, toxic gases such as ammonia, ethylamine and chlorine need to be stored in a ventilated space that is fully sprinkled.

Additionally, you should always keep fuel gas cylinders at least 20 feet away from any oxidizer (oxygen, nitrous oxide, bromine, etc.) cylinders.

Here are the basics for ensuring you have a safe storage space.

Proper Handling And Transport

As you know, you need to move gas cylinders with great care to avoid accidents. Here’s a quick review.

If you have further questions about government regulations for storing, handling or moving industrial gases, please speak with us. You can also review information from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Always Ready To Help

At Hocon Industrial Gas, we supply our customers with gases for the industrial, commercial and health care fields. We can help you select the most effective and economical gases and cylinder package for your operation. Available products include high-pressure cylinders, liquid cryogenic gas cylinders and bulk gas systems.

The staff at Hocon Industrial Gas has the knowledge and experience to help find the right product for your business needs. Contact us today for further information about our products and services.