Carbon Dioxide Gas Industry Uses

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You probably know that carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced as a waste product when we exhale our breath. From there, it is used by plants to produce food for survival. This process is known as photosynthesis, which requires carbon dioxide as well as water and light.

But carbon dioxide also has numerous industrial and commercial uses. One popular application of CO2 is in the food and beverages industry. Carbon dioxide gas is used to carbonate soft drinks, beers and wine and to prevent fungal and bacterial growth.

When frozen, CO2 becomes dry ice – a versatile product that can be used for everything from cryogenic blasting to cold chain food transportation.

Here are five other uses for CO2

  1. Carbon dioxide is used as a shield gas in MIG/MAG welding, (also known as gas-shielded metal arc welding (GMAW). CO2 protects the puddle weld against oxidation by the surrounding air. A puddle weld is a type of plug weld that joins together two sheets of light-gauge material. Read about our inventory of top-quality welding machines.
  2. Medical carbon dioxide gas is mixed with other gases and used to stimulate respiration. You’ll also find CO2 being used in its pure form as an insufflation gas in minimally invasive procedures such as arthroscopy, endoscopy and laparoscopy.
  3. Carbon dioxide can be found in various fire extinguishers because it prevents oxygen from further fueling a fire.
  4. Carbon dioxide gas is used in the electronics industry for circuit board assembly, to clean surfaces and to make semiconductor devices.
  5. In the oil industry, carbon dioxide gas is injected under high pressure into an oil reservoir, resulting in an increased amount of crude oil being extracted. This process, known as enhanced oil recovery (EOR), also reduces the viscosity of the recovered oil.

These applications and many more have led to an increase in the demand for carbon dioxide, which makes finding a reliable bulk CO2 supplier very important if you use it in your operations.

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