Cryogenic Gases For Your Business

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The word cryogenic means producing, or related to, low temperatures, Cryogenic gases are liquefied gases that have been vaporized and stored at a very low temperature. When we say very low temperatures, we mean it. These gases are extremely cold, with boiling points below -238°F.

At Hocon Industrial Gas, our vast experience in this field makes us well-qualified to reliably serve Connecticut businesses who depend on cryogenic gas systems.

If your business involves liquid air supply, food processing or cryogenic equipment, Hocon Industrial Gas has the supply, parts and equipment you’re looking for, with the added value of a fully trained and experienced staff that can help you optimize the parts and systems for your specific application.

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We will be happy to discuss your project scope and budget and recommend the most efficient and effective ways to handle your cryogenic gas supply, service and equipment needs.

Many uses for cryogenic gas

Cryogenic gases include nitrogen, oxygen, helium and carbon dioxide. Health care applications include the treatment of skin conditions such as lesions and warts. Cryogenic gas is also used to ensure safe storage and preservation of blood, tissues and cells.

Cryogenic gases play a big role in the food processing industry as well. Cryogenic gases help preserve the flavor in foods that are stored at low temperatures. Take frozen pizza for instance. Cryogenic gases not only protect the flavor of the crust, sauce and toppings, these gases also protect the texture and consistency of the ingredients.

Cryogenic gases can also increase the shelf life of baked goods when they’re frozen. And since the use of cryogenic gas results in faster freezing time, it allows workers to freeze more food each day.

So if you’re looking for a reliable cryogenic gas company in Connecticut, look to Hocon Industrial Gas. Feel free to contact us for more information.