Specialty Gas Vs. Industrial Gas

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Industrial gas providers like Hocon Industrial use low purity industrial grade gases that contain impurities. That’s not a concern because high purity levels are not critical for industrial gas applications.

Industrial gas products available through Hocon include many that you may be familiar with, including:

The importance of specialty gases

But these types of gases cannot be used as a substitute for specialty gas applications. That’s because high purity levels are always required. If you were to use industrial gas for specialty gas applications, this could cause instrument or process interferences and could also damage expensive analytical or process equipment.

Specialty gases are high purity gaseous chemicals that can be used as analytical lab gases as well as intermediates in production processes. These gases are so vital to many different industries, including the medical, petrochemical, environmental, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and chemical fields.

Specialty gases are commonly used at universities, manufacturing plants, hospitals, refineries and nuclear power plants. In fact, possible applications for this type of gas are seemingly endless.

Gas supply companies have to ensure that specialty gases – whether pure gases or mixtures – are those that best correspond to the applications they will be used for.

The characteristics of these specialty gases, in comparison with standard industrial and medical gases, divide the gas supply market into two specific segments. Applications calling for specialty gases are being added every day and the already broad spectrum of uses includes air quality monitoring, biological growth control, breath alcohol testing, calorimetric testing, car exhaust testing, confined space monitoring and commercial diving, among others.

Specialty gases may consist of a single gas or be a mixture of many individual components blended together in one cylinder.

These gases may also be one of several grades of purity:

The purity of the gas is commonly confirmed after the cylinder has been filled. Because of the precision required to produce these specialty gases, specialty gases tend to be much more expensive than industrial gases. Today’s high-tech industrial processes demand specialty gases with higher levels of purity and more precise accuracies than ever before. An increasing number of specifications for these gases now go down to parts per billion (ppb) and sometimes even to parts per trillion (ppt).

Specialty gases available through Hocon Industrial include:

Hocon Industrial is one of the area’s leading gas suppliers for the industrial, commercial and health care fields. Besides specialty gases, our product line also includes industrial, medical and cryogenic gases. Other available products include high-pressure cylinders, liquid cryogenic gas cylinders and bulk gas systems.

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