Rely on Hocon Industrial Gas for Deliveries, Maintenance, Service and Repairs

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If your business relies on compressed gases, Hocon Industrial Gas is the supplier you can count on for dependable and safe delivery.

All sorts of business, including those in Bridgeport, Danbury and many more Connecticut communities, can benefit from the more than 30 years of experience that Hocon Industrial Gas brings to its compressed-gases services.

Compressed gases are used in manufacturing, electronics, construction, packaging, medical research, party supply stores, and more.

Automotive repair and auto-body shops use welding gases as well as gases like oxygen and acetylene.

Bars, breweries, restaurants, and other food-service and food-processing companies have a wide array of uses for gases. One of the more common is using carbon dioxide for beverages like beer, soda and carbonated water. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon and helium are commonly used in food preservation and refrigeration. For fast freezing, liquid nitrogen is used.

Supply center

Aside from providing welding gas to our customers, Hocon Industrial Gas also has a supply center that carries a range of quality welding and cutting supply products for its many customers.

Our team is also qualified to handle the repair and reconditioning of all makes and models of welding equipment, along with gas cutting devices, flow meters, specialty gas regulators, MIG and TIG cables, compressed gas equipment, medical gas regulators and more.

And of course, safety comes first with Hocon Industrial Gas. We produce our industrial gases in strict compliance with the safety specifications of the Compressed Gas Association. Our delivery team is highly experienced and well-trained to provide responsible and safe delivery of your gases, as well as training and support for your employees.

We stock more than 30,000 parts, maintain a large fleet of delivery trucks and serve more than 3,000 businesses, including those in the medical, industrial and commercial sectors.

You can rely on us for same-day/next-day service and our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you with a service, product or delivery request.

We invite you to visit one of our locations in Connecticut so we can help you with your business needs. Contact us at any time.