Welding Supplies, Welding Machines, Safety Gear and More from Hocon Industrial Gas

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When you’re a welder, you need a reliable source for the welding supplies that are necessary for doing your best and safest work. And Hocon Industrial Gas is the source Connecticut welders have counted on for many years.

Whatever the job, whatever welding supplies or machines you need, Hocon Industrial Gas aims to have it.

Gear for Connecticut welders

Hocon Industrial Gas offers welding equipment and gases for all sorts of projects. Some of what we have includes:

Hocon Industrial Gas puts safety first

Our professionals at Hocon Industrial Gas understand the needs and concerns of welders. We care about you and want to make sure you stay safe while working on your welding job.
To help with that, we offer a variety of products ranging from equipment to clothing designed to increase and promote safety.

We have safety equipment such as:

Burns are the most common injury for welders. Exposed skin is especially vulnerable. The right clothing is essential for a welder to stay safe on the job. Clothing made with synthetic fabrics should never be worn, as those fabrics melt in extreme heat like the kind created by welding. Wool, being a natural fiber, is preferred. Cotton treated for fire retardation is also acceptable.

Another injury that welders are vulnerable to is caused by exposure to ultra-violet (UV) radiation. It creates a burn commonly known as welder’s flash. Infrared radiation (IR) exposure can damage the eyes as well, causing cataracts and retinal burns.

Hocon Industrial Gas carries welding helmets and safety glasses to protect your face and eyes. We also have welding jackets and safety gloves.

The experts at Hocon Industrial Gas are available to help you make the right choices for your welding needs. Contact us today or visit one of our showrooms and get started!