The Growth of Bulk CO2 Products and Services

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As you know, carbon dioxide (CO2) is an odorless and colorless gas, a natural presence in the atmosphere and of course, critically vital for our planet’s ecosystem.

So it’s no surprise that carbon dioxide also serves as lifeblood of various businesses—ranging from restaurants and breweries to greenhouses and water treatment facilities and much more.
Food and beverages application for CO2 has also emerged as one of the fastest growing segments. Varied applications of carbon dioxide in food and beverages such as use of CO2 as a cryogenic agent for freezing purposes, and for carbonation of beverages, are expected to continue to fuel this application segment growth.”

Beyond that, firefighting application is also projected to see more growth rate. When carbon dioxide is discharged into the atmosphere, it forms dry ice because it is heavier than air. Due to this property, the gas is utilized for firefighting applications. Simply put, the gas reduces the oxygen content in the atmosphere, which is essential for flames, and eventually extinguishes the fire.*

What’s more, you’ll also find CO2 being used in various minimal invasive surgeries as an insufflations gas—including such procedures as arthroscopy, endoscopy and laparoscopy. These applications have led to an increase in the demand for carbon dioxide and are projected to drive market growth.*

Obviously, if you use it in your operations; you’ll need a bulk CO2 supplier who can support you at every phase of your company’s lifecycle.

At Hocon Industrial, our technicians and staff will provide the bulk CO2supply and expertise you need to keep everything running like clockwork.

From convenient deliveries and expert planning to personalized priority service, we’ll work with your company to develop an industrial CO2 solution that makes sense for your operation and budget.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable CO2 supplier for your restaurant or bar or a design consultant to help you understand how to integrate CO2 equipment into the workflow of your greenhouse or any other operation, we’re ready to tackle your industrial CO2 challenge.

Our expert technicians and staff will work with you every step of the way, helping you find economical solutions that keep your operations running reliably and efficiently.
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