Specialty Gas Handling Equipment

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Specialty gas handling equipment is an integral piece of the calibration gas sampling process. Just as the specialty gas manufacturer provides high purity gases, they must also use specific regulators, valves and fittings to maintain the integrity of the final specialty gas standard.

Using the wrong materials can introduce contaminants into the sample, rendering the calibration unreliable. Using industrial gas regulators can also lead to minor component absorption in the sampling process. A close relationship with a competent specialty gas supplier can help end users make sure they are selecting the appropriate specialty gas handling equipment for their application.

A good specialty gas supplier will partner with the end user to better understand the type of application and the desired end results. The proper selection upfront saves end-users time and money, while obtaining consistent, accurate results.

Choosing a Specialty Gas Company

Focused specialty gas providers can better tend to the precise job of manufacturing specialty gases as well as maintaining a close relationship with their clientele. This focus can quickly become critical when you run into problems with a specialty gas application. Qualified specialty gas suppliers can be a useful resource for trouble shooting applications. Although they may be harder to find, a quality specialty gas supplier can be a valuable partner for technical end users.

What Hocon Industrial Gas can do for you

As one of the area’s leading gas suppliers for the industrial, commercial and health care fields, the product line at Hocon Industrial Gas includes everything from industrial, medicalspecialty and cryogenic gases.

We can help you select the most effective and economical gases and cylinder package for your operation. Available products also include high-pressure cylinders, liquid cryogenic gas cylinders and bulk gas systems.

Available services include equipment rentals and repair, piping system design, welding engineering and consulting. We also offer convenient same-day/next-day service.

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