Specialty Gas Cylinder Options

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As an expert specialty gas supplier with many years of experience, Hocon Industrial Gas can help you decide which specialty gas cylinder type is best for your business. Let’s explore your options.

For starters, there is a choice between refillable and disposable specialty gas cylinders, with refillable gas cylinders being most common. These are heavier and hold more gas. Refillable cylinders are designed to be stationed at one location, where the end user returns periodically to refill or test instruments.

Refillable specialty gas cylinders are constructed of either steel or aluminum. The steel cylinder, although heavier, is lower in cost while the aluminum cylinder is lighter, but more expensive.

Gas mixtures containing minor components with very low concentrations require aluminum cylinders, which have a more suitable interior Ra finish than that of steel cylinders. Ra is the arithmetic average of surface heights measured across the surface. It’s the average microscopic height of the peaks and valleys that exist across the surface. Generally speaking, Ra is the representation of surface roughness. In other words, the ‘smoother’ the interior finish, the greater the likelihood of maintaining the integrity of the mix.

Disposable cylinders

Disposable calibration gas cylinders are a smaller, lighter option that holds less gas while being portable and easily discarded once empty. Just like its refillable counterpart, disposable cylinders come in high and low pressure options, and are made of either steel or aluminum. Disposable cylinders are desirable for fieldwork, tight spaces and short application cycles and can be disposed of in any trash receptacle.

Hocon Industrial Gas will help you fulfill your business needs

As one of the area’s leading gas suppliers for the industrial, commercial and health care fields, the product line at Hocon Industrial Gas includes everything from industrial, medical, specialty and cryogenic gases.

We can help you select the most effective and economical gases and cylinder package for your operation. Available products also include high-pressure cylinders, liquid cryogenic gas cylinders and bulk gas systems.

Available services include equipment rentals and repair, piping system design, welding engineering and consulting. We also offer convenient same-day/next-day service.

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