Single-stage and Dual-stage Regulators from Hocon Industrial Gas

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Aside from providing welding gas to our customers, Hocon Industrial Gas also serves as a supply center that carries a range of quality welding and cutting supply products for its many customers. Our wide selection includes single-stage and dual-stage gas regulators.

Single stage vs. dual stage regulators

Gas regulators reduce the pressure of gas from a cylinder so that it can be used safely. There are two basic types of gas pressure regulators.

As its name implies, a single-stage regulator reduces pressure within a specific range in just one step. However, this type of regulator will show a slight variation in delivery pressure as the cylinder pressure decreases during use. For this reason, single-stage regulators are preferred for uses where a constant outlet pressure is not crucial or in cases where an operator can monitor and readjust pressure or in another case, when inlet pressure remains stable.

While a dual-stage regulator provides a similar function in terms of reducing gas pressure, the big difference is that delivery pressure will not change as cylinder pressure decreases. This allows for increased accuracy in pressure control because the pressure reduction takes place in two steps. Operators will use dual-stage regulators for applications that require constant outlet pressure throughout the life of a gas cylinder.

Gas regulator safety tips

Contact the experts at Hocon Industrial Gas for advice about gas regulators for oxidizing gases, pure gases and gas mixtures.